Avery Dennison Foundation Award | Avery Dennison
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Avery Dennison Foundation Award

The Avery Dennison Foundation Award was created by the Avery Dennison Foundation to spotlight Avery Dennison employees who demonstrate a sustained personal commitment to community service. The award recognizes?individual employees or teams that have made outstanding efforts in championing community engagement and volunteerism to enhance the quality of life in communities at the local, national or global level:

  • Leads by example in their commitment to make a difference through volunteerism in local or global communities.
  • Motivates and inspires others in service to non-profit/non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that address social needs and demonstrate Avery Dennison’s commitment to community where our employees live or work.
  • Understands and supports the local needs of communities and rallied/recruited other employees to join them in addressing the identified need.?

By advancing Avery Dennison's commitment to community, the recipients of this award exemplify the Foundation's vision of inspiring human promise to create a more intelligent and sustainable world.

PACE Program, Honduras

Lisa Bartakovics
Senior Director, Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Oegstgeest Kidney Team

South Africa STEM Program?

Praveena Kalathil
Associate Manager, HR, RBIS India

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