An Open Letter to U.S. Employees | Avery Dennison
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An Open Letter to U.S. Employees

U.S. Team,

We are all repulsed by the needless death of George Floyd. Just as his death was a catalyst for the peaceful protests and, unfortunately, the senseless violence and looting that followed, we must use his death, and the many that preceded it, as a catalyst for eradicating the prejudice and bias that are often a root cause of such tragedies. To achieve this change, we need introspection - as individuals, as families, as a team and as a country.?

While we have made progress as a society, we clearly have a way to go to understand and eliminate prejudice and inequality. In that spirit, I want to reaffirm Avery Dennison’s unwavering commitment to stand against racial injustice and the systemic problems that are dividing our society.

Our values are the foundation of who we are as a team, and that includes elevating the importance of diversity and inclusion. Having a more diverse and inclusive environment is not only a source of strength, but the right thing to do. We cannot simply recognize the value of doing it, we must live it.??

It is easy in the face of such horrific events to say that this is someone else’s problem, or someone else’s doing. The fact is, we all have a role in making our society more just for all, and we must embrace it. So, I ask you to reflect on your individual role and determine how you can personally be part of the solution. While this starts with us individually, as a company we will redouble our efforts and further emphasize our priority of diversity and inclusion, especially in the U.S. You will see more from me, the rest of the leadership team and, I hope, each other in the coming weeks.

I’m proud that, at Avery Dennison, we put our values first and each other ahead of ourselves, and I know that progress towards a brighter future starts here. I, and the rest of your colleagues, are counting on you to personally step up and recommit, and help channel our collective energy towards creating a better society.

Mitch Butier
Chairman, President and CEO
Avery Dennison


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